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Where are all the Rams Fans?

Tweet Let’s be honest.  This is a huge week for football in Colorado!  The NFL preseason has left us needing a little real football in the state. Typically this is a week filled with CSU fans making outrageous claims and stupid bets.  These fans come out of the woodwork.  Coworkers who hide in the corners.  […]

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A Needed Improvement

Tweet Sorry for the lack of roundtables lately, but there hasn’t been a new one for 2 weeks now and I have decided to turn my attention to another important issue, tomorrows game. I completely agree with what Marc was saying, and think he has the best plan going into tomorrow night. We’re going to […]

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Spring break is over…

Tweet So says the Daily. There will even be a scrimmage this Saturday. No word on if it is open to the public. Scrimmages this year should be a lot different from last years, as the team now has enough offensive linemen to hold full 11 on 11 plays. Last year, there were only 5. […]

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Tweet Yesterday, I mentioned that the students were starting up a grassroots movement for a “blackout” for Saturday night’s game. It looks like they finally have some school backing as Bohn is asking all fans to wear black instead of the usual gold tomorrow. If you saw any of the West Virginia – Maryland game […]

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What’s the Enemy thinking?

Tweet Well the Noles certaily don’t think the Buffs are much competition. Go check out ScalpEm.com to see what the Seminoles have to say

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What’s up with wins down?

Tweet During the first two home games at Folsom Field, Campus police have placed 11 people in the Addiction Recovery Center and 128 have been ejected from the game. These numbers are drastically up from previous years according to the Associated Press. Interestingly, there seems to be an inverse correlation between the Football team success […]

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Give the band some respect….

Tweet Compared to last year we are dealing with an entirely different team from coaching to athletic director, and it is nice to finally see a good athletic director. Since being hired Mike Bohn has been on a mission to help and support our marching band, thus bringing the team and the band that it […]

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