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Tweet Congrats to South Carolina and Sparty on a big WIN this week!  Next upset of the week… Go BUFFS!

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BUFFS End Non-Conference Play 3 – 1!

Tweet The BUFFS ended their non-conference play at 3 – 1 after beating Georgia 29-27!  Rodney Stewart, the 5-foot-6, 175-pound running back called “Speedy” averaged eight yards per carry, running for 149 yards and a touchdown in the win. I woke up this morning and checked the score of the game again to ensure I […]

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Big 12 Roundtable

Tweet Burnt Orange Nation is hosting the week Big XII roundtable this week. We’ve got new editor Dave here to provide some perspective. 1. We start with a review of your team’s non-conference performance. Offensive MVP: Inconsistent play leaves this area open for interpretation, though one Buff stands out. Rodney Stewart, the true freshman is […]


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Colorado 3rd Most Hated in BIG 12???

Tweet According to an article by ESPN.com Colorado is the 3rd most hated school in the BIG 12! They indicate “Opposing fans see their supporters as every Rocky Mountain stereotype — tree-loving, granola-munching, hybrid-driving Greeners. And it’s even worse when they are winning with some regularity.” I take great exception to this. I drive an […]

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Media Day News

Tweet Big 12 Media day wraps up today with Hawk, Daniel Sanders, Ryan Walters, and the Rabid Goldfish representing the Buffs in Kansas City. You can read up on all of the interviews on mainstream news sites, but I did find a couple of items in the AD Notes that I hadn’t heard previously. First […]

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It’s over, all is woe…

Tweet Darrel “Superman” Scott is a Horn. So sayeth Bloggers close to, well, something resembling a source for Texas: Burnt Orange Nation As an aside: “Pillow?” – “Woooo”? A Gunnery Sergeant from one of my favorite movies has a line in response to that is absolutely perfect. A quick excerpt from the quotable material: “And […]

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Bix XII Says: Calls “Technically” Correct

Tweet The short story: The referee did not make a “wrong” call. What he did was exercise his right to “discretion” in the speed in which he placed the ball initially, and on when the clock started after the penalty. It COULD have started on the snap after the penalty, or he could have blown […]

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