Feels good.  Quite refreshing.  After years of publicly and privately questioning many of the coaching decisions at CU we finally get some relief.  Dan Hawkins tenure will end at CU today.

Now the program can once again be surrounded by optimism and opportunity.  Who will it be? What kind of offense? Who will the assistants be? How will they recruit? How will the recruits react? How will we fare in the Pac12?  How much will we win?  When will go to the Rose Bowl?  Everything focused on the possibility of what this program can become.

It is a huge relief.   Thank you.

Bieniemy, Embree, McCartney, Hagan, Leach, Venables, Logan…   or maybe Troy Calhoun.

Hawk –  Thanks for all your hard work and time that you have given the University of Colorado.  We are all disappointed you couldn’t have been more successful.