The BUFFS ended their non-conference play at 3 – 1 after beating Georgia 29-27!  Rodney Stewart, the 5-foot-6, 175-pound running back called “Speedy” averaged eight yards per carry, running for 149 yards and a touchdown in the win.

I woke up this morning and checked the score of the game again to ensure I did not dream that we stepped up in the game and were actually 3 – 1.  I realized that Marc had the clarity of vision to see how the season would go months earlier: “Let’s dream for just a second.  What if CU emerges 3-1 from non-conference play?  With Georgia very unsettled at QB and it being a night game at home, it is possible.  What if CU heads to Norman at 5-2?  What if CU heads to Lincoln at 8-3 playing to win the Big XII North?”

What if CU heads to Norman 5-2?  What if CU heads to Lincoln 8 – 3 poised to win the Big XII North?

We are not back, but it is nice to see some wins!  Hopefully we will continue to rack up the wins so that the student section doesn’t think that beating an unranked 1 – 2 opponent is a reason to rush the field!

Time to BEAT Missouri and storm onto the national scene where the BUFFS should be!

CU next Saturday…