It’s been a long hard winter.  The standard cocktail party question “When are the going to fire Hawk?” And this week I have the answer.  You can’t fire an undefeated coach.  And that is exactly where we stand today Coach Dan Hawkins and the Colorado Buffaloes are undefeated heading into a brand new campaign.

We have every reason to be excited and hopeful.

  1. We named a starter at QB weeks before the season started.  This can only result in a little team unity heading into our initial contest.  Good Luck Tyler Hansen
  2. The offensive line is finally coming together.  The mass of men on the line crumbled quickly and struggled to regain confidence the rest of the season.  But now they all have plenty of game experience under their belt.  We are expecting big things.  Rodney Stewart can’t say enough about how big the holes they are opening for them.
  3. WR went from weakness to bright spot.  The additions of Toney Clemons, Paul Richardson and Travon Patterson are huge both physically and metaphorically.
  4. Big Targets and Lots of time will lead to big days for Tyler Hansen
  5. It’s a farewell tour.  Even I am excited for final games in Columbia, Norman and of course Lincoln.
  6. Aric Goodman has been kicking on tiny uprights. Let’s hope it turns him from a practice kicker to a pressure kicker.
  7. We have some of the best DBs in the business.  Jimmy Smith and Jalil Brown are NFL caliber.
  8. Patrick Mahnke has been moved to LB.  Surely his “speed” will be better utilized there.
  9. We have real depth.  Holy cow.  There are multiple places on the field where I am stoked to get the number 2s in because they have just as much talent as the 1s.  It has been a while since we’ve had that.

Let’s dream for just a second.  What if CU emerges 3-1 from non-conference play?  With Georgia very unsettled at QB and it being a night game at home, it is possible.  What if CU heads to Norman at 5-2?  What if CU heads to Lincoln at 8-3 playing to win the Big XII North?

Can you imagine any better way to say good bye to the Big XII than taking the Big XII championship trophy with us?  I can’t.

The preseason is always fun to dream before the harsh reality sets in.  But if you can’t feel the rush that a scenario like this creates, maybe you need to take a step back and remember why you are a fan in the first place.  Being a fan is about shared excitement.  Your team reaching a pinnacle that others didn’t think possible.  It’s not about hating and wishing ill on others.

Let’s Go Buffs!