Good morning and happy game day Buff Nation! On this 7th weekend of college football, Barking Carnival has provided us with a roundtable to chat about. We haven’t had much participation in the roundtables this year, so while your watching some of the games today take stab at a question or two. Hopefully most of you are heading to the game vs. Kansas tonight, and if not, what are your thoughts on the game? Happy Saturday and as always GO BUFFS!

How does this year’s Texas/OU game define Mack Brown’s legacy?

Does this one game define Mack Brown’s entire legacy? Absolutely not! He’s a great coach, a great guy, and while there is a lot riding on this game it doesn’t change the fact that he is one of the best coaches in the nation. If you disagree just take a look at his overall record at Texas: 119-26. Enough Said.

Who needs to win a big game more: Bob Stoops, Jim Tressel, or Mark Richt?

Mark Richt is definitely in most need of a big win. Stoops is just fine, he can’t win all the time and is just having an off season. Tressel just needs to recruit some more speed, that’s where he runs into problems when playing and typically losing to other top teams. (Sound familiar? Except with all teams, not just those at the top). Richt, and Georgia have been slipping from the power they were a few years ago. They are still recruiting well and have the ability to jump right back into the spotlight; they just need a big win to put them there.

Pick the game that glistens like no other on your remaining schedule. Why does it shine for thee? What portent does it hold at the seat of your BCS or Brut Sun Bowl altar?

I have to choose the Red River Rivalry. The emotion and rivalry factor that is always present in this game, on top of last season’s debacle should make for a great game. Texas, if they can come out of this one with the win, will most likely be making an appearance for the BCS National Championship. I’m definitely looking forward to this game.

Big upsets are hard to predict. Riddle us yours for the month of October.

Watch out Kansas, the Buffs are coming for you tonight! (And I will admit I’m a bit worried about the Oklahoma vs. Texas game too)

In a top-heavy year where many of the favorites immolated themselves from national title contention early on, two teams now loom larger than the rest: Florida and Alabama. Assuming they face off in the SEC Championship game and the supremacy of their defenses continues to shroud their offenses in a cloak of 13-10 wizardry, and no other team seems quite as worthy by comparison (this is the SEC after all), should they get a chance to play again in January for a national championship? If not, what undefeated or 1-loss team would have the best positioning?

No, absolutely not. Nobody wants to see the same two teams play basically back-to-back, regardless of how exciting it may end up being. It is part of the game; you get your shot to beat someone, why should it happen again? Some other team definitely deserves a shot before we see a rematch. It would be a situation similar to that of Michigan and Ohio State a few years back, but Florida turned out to be better than both teams, a lot better. That is when Texas comes into play. I think they would be the best rivalry to the SEC Champion. It better not be Boise State or Cincinnati, those games would just be boring to watch. I’m thinking, and hoping, that we’ll be seeing Texas vs. the SEC Champion on January 7th in the Rose Bowl.