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After what seems like weeks of waiting, the Buffs will finally play their fourth game of the season.  I keep complaining about the lack of momentum the offense has produced this season, but this scheduling doesn’t provide any weekly momentum either.  Good news.  We only have two more non-Saturday games after this.

The line on this game are 17 point under dogs.  Wow.  17 points.  If we can’t beat the line it will be another embarrassing night for the Buffs.  We may not win the contest tonight but I think we have to beat the spread.  But is a good showing good enough?

We went to Phoenix (ASU) and could have been up by 3 touchdowns in the first half, if we could catch the ball.  We went to Georgia and should have won that game if we managed the clock more effectively.  We went to Jacksonville (FSU) and could have won that game with better special teams play.  But were they moral victories?  Maybe in years past, but I think I would still feel empty if we put up similar performances tonight in WV.

So that’s it.  Beating the spread is not enough.  We need to win tonight.  A win tonight means that the Kansas game at home is huge and has major relevance for bowl eligibility.  A loss tonight means we come home to Folsom at 1-4 with little to no confidence left.

So to that end.

  • We must stop Noel Devine. Keep him under 100 yards.  The key here is to hold on.  He will punish us for every missed tackle along the way.  let’s not give him that opportunity.
  • Force turnovers.  Apparently the Mountaineers are prone to handing the ball to the other team.  We need to accept that gift and capitalize on each opportunity.
  • We’re driving.  We need offense momentum.  Stop the false starts and holding.  Stop dropping the ball.  We can’t rely on iffy PI calls on the other teams.  I want to see us more the ball down field with consistency and confidence.

Let’s win.  Go Buffs!