Why does the NCAA have such a problem with the Buffs? First the Jeremy Bloom fiasco, absurd Marcus Houston exceptions and now we have the Mell Holliday saga.
Mell Holiday was a promising running back transfer who was looking solid at number three on the Buffs depth chart. He was poised to provide some much needed depth to the depleted running back corp. Mell played two years at Wayne Stae a divion II school in 2002 and 2003. He then transferred to Nebraska where, and this is important, HE DIDN’T PLAY FOOTBALL. Hew left presumably because Lincoln is a horrible place and tranferred to CU. The NCAA now isists that he sit out a year before he plays football. Even though he hasn’t played football in over a year already.
Barnett holds out very little hope of the appeals process woring for him. I think Mell should have a sit down with Quinn Sypnewski about how to deal with the NCAA. By the way this will be the 6th time that Quinn has been on the field against CSU.