Buffaloes 50
Kansas 47
This time the offense came through and covered for the defenses 47 points. With 5:24 left in the fourth quarter the Buffaloes elected to kick a field goal to bring them within three points of the Jayhawks, and putting the game in the hands of a shaky defensive unit. For the first time in a long time the defense answered the call and got the ball back for the offense. Then in overtime the D came up again and forced a field goal by the Jayhawks.
The offense while managing 596 yards, turned the ball three times, all were deep in Kansas territory. Jeremy Bloom earns the toughness award this week. With his 5 catches for 97 yards and 95 more return yards. But it was Bloom’s ability to bounce back from big hits, from both Kansas defenders and the wall behind the Kansas sideline.
DeAndre Fluellen gets the tackling award by default. He made the sack of Whittemore in the overtime period on 3rd and 2 to force the KU field goal.
It wasn’t pretty but it was a victory. Oh and Baylor lost 73-10 to Texas A&M.