Changes must be made. The Buffs have looked horrible on defense all year long. They love to give up the big play and can’t get any pressure on the quarterback. Do you realize that the Buffs have only had 3 sacks all year long? That’s not 3 sacks in one game or 3 sacks by one player. That is 3 sacks all year by this team. That puts them on a pace for a whopping 9 sacks this year. No pressure makes it a lot easier to have a career day against the Buffs. No coverage is the other reason career days continue to be rung up against the Buffs. When you combine sloppy man to man coverage with no help from the safeties the big play is ripe to happen. The Buffs have given up 28 20yard + plays already this season. Fun for the highlight reel but not for CU.
Competition was opened up at both cornerback slots. Terrence Wheatley has been picked to take over for the senior Phil Jackson. On the other side, they are looking to replace Freshman Sammy Joseph. The rumors are true. Jeremy Bloom has been practicing at CB to see if his speed can be effective against the pass. Making the defensive transition is a tough one that requires a fair amount of work so don’t look to see Bloom on defense just yet, unless we are in a real emergency. Well, the way that the defense played the last two weeks may qualify as an emergency.
The other thing that I think the Buffs should be looking at is the defensive scheme. First, it is easy to see it is not working. Okruch and Vance Joseph need to do some serious searching on how to make this 4-2-5 scheme work. Or better yet, what new scheme their personnel may be better suited to run. So you realize that Sean Tufts, one of the best football players on the Buffs defense, has only 5 unassisted tackles in the last 3 games. It seems to me that this scheme does not utilize our strengths and highlights our weakness at corner.
On offense, the O-line is shifting around with Marwan Hage moving to center and the other lineman shifting around him. This should help the running game. We’ll see..
Other that what we have already discussed, the Buffs need to examine their mindset and find a way to play both halves with energy and passion. Let’s hope they can turn things around or it might be a long season. GO CU!