Ahhh, the words to an age-old Buffs cheer. If only fans had been accompanied by the band when yelling this at Saturday’s home opener under the lights at Folsom Field. I was privileged enough to attend Fan Training Camp in the pre-season and Gary Barnett himself encouraged us to make Folsom Field as hostile as possible. It seems to me that 50,000 people yelling Fuck ’em up! Fuck ’em up! Go CU! is just the type of cheer that can put the fear of the stampede in the other team. However, the Golden Buffalo Marching Band refused to play this song.
Based on gesturing from members of the band during the game, I was led to believe that a director or higher up had put the kibosh on our fun not fellow students.
As far as I can tell being a member of the band is thankless enough without having the entire student section turn on you because you won’t play the number one fan motivational song at Folsom Field. (Things really did turn pretty ugly.)
So why did they decide to stop playing this tried and true expression of Buffalo emotion? That has yet to be answered. Some say that Fox Sports Net didn’t want to hear the song during their broadcast. Some say that Matthew Roeder, the Director of the Golden Buffalo Marching Band is a straight-laced kind of guy. Still others say that the University is trying to change it’s image and this may be coming all the way down from Ms Hoffman. Me, I just think this is just another attempt to limit student fun on campus.
In any case, Matthew Roeder will know exactly why this is going on. I think he would appreciate an email from every fan who felt slighted in the least by the band at our last home game.
The Hey song will never leave the fan repertoire at Folsom Field. Let’s hope it doesn’t leaves the band’s.